Brodeeratut seuravaatteet

Embroidered party clothes

It is said that by embroidering a textile gets a luxurious and spectacular look by standing out from the rest. Embroidery lasts as long as textiles and does not fade or change shape over time. The borders are made by machine quilting and the colors can be chosen in all the colors of the rainbow.

We at Talliputiiki decided to try embroidery on Stierna's Nova hybrid jacket and Aurora light jacket. We went to take it to an embroidery office and sent the logo behind. Something was mentioned in passing about the vectorization of the logo, but we did well with the A4 size non-vectorized logo.

The logo to be embroidered for the first time must be digitized in the program and then it is for the future - it is a one-time payment. This can be enlarged/reduced depending on the logo by about 10-15% if it is not a good size anyway. However, before the embroidery, we received the measurements and the plan, so we were aware of the size! If you want a name on your chest, you don't have to do anything about it. You only have to decide on a font from several different options.

This is not a hurry, was the instruction to the embroidery office, when the very next day I received a picture of the sample piece and its dimensions by email. The bigger the better! The next day it was already sealed in jackets and they asked about the application date or how to deliver it.

The embroidery was a great experience in every way and the invoice had an agreed price with no surprises, and anyway the invoice was not very dizzying when you think about using the same mold in the future for jackets or saddle felts.

In the horse industry abroad, it was quite normal for the rider to have his own name embroidered on the saddle felt and warp, without having to compete in international classes. The name of the horse was also sometimes seen on the saddle blankets.

A nice way to stand out and create personality! In the net itself, I appreciate the saddle blankets with either the rider's or the horse's name on them. Roughly knows if the rider before you is on the starting line or not.

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