Säästä ostamalla ajatonta ja kestävää - katso myös muut vinkit!

Save by buying timeless and durable - see other tips too!

Many horse enthusiasts have heard this fall that the prices of stable rentals and season tickets will rise. And it's no wonder, when the household expenses have suddenly increased dramatically. It's time to think about what to save and how to save. Horse owners know that it's not worth it to skimp on taking care of a horse, it's nothing but regret. For many, riding lessons are also the weekly escape that is impossible to give up on a thought level. Spending is usually the first option where savings are sought, because it is not so strongly connected to well-being, let alone its maintenance.

However, we cannot endlessly avoid buying consumer goods, because even old clothes come to an end at some point. However, as consumers, we can select our next purchase more precisely and better, and at the same time we also do not burden nature. The fact that we buy less often, but higher quality and more durable products, which are either made environmentally friendly from plastic bottles or made in Europe, consumes significantly less nature than the cheapest products on the market. Unfortunately, these cheaper products usually last half as long.

In the clothing market, it has become a trend to use bamboo charcoal in saddle blankets as well as in clothes - this keeps unpleasant odors under control for longer, so washing times are not needed as often. The materials and textiles are also sturdier and more durable than before, but you should still take care of them and wash them according to the washing instructions. Nowadays, plastic bottles are also used a lot to make clothes without compromising on the functional properties.

We put together Talliputiik's tips for shopping:

1. Buy timeless and durable.

2. Buy only what you really need.

3. Recycle old clothes.

4. Take care of your clothes and wash them properly.

5. Choose the right materials.

At Talliputiiki, we select our products and brands based on these values, so when you shop at Talliputiiki, you can be sure that you are supporting a better tomorrow.

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