Summer and electrolytes

The equestrian competition season is the highlight of the year for many riders. This often means hard training and long days in competitions. Although the goal is success, it is important to remember to take care of the horse's well-being as well. One important thing that is often forgotten is the need for electrolytes during heavy sweating.

Electrolytes are salts that help maintain the body's fluid balance and muscle function. When a horse sweats profusely, for example on race day, it loses large amounts of salts and other nutrients. This can lead to symptoms such as dehydration and fatigue, which affects the horse's performance and stamina.

That's why it's important to take care of the horse's electrolyte intake during a tough training or competition day. Electrolytes can be given, for example, with supplements designed for horses or with electrolyte powder that is mixed with water or food. It is also important to remember that the dosage of electrolytes is individual, depending on the horse and the situation, so it is good to ask for advice from, for example, a veterinarian or a nutritional coach.

A horse's need for electrolytes is not limited to race days, but can also be given after a hard workout to support recovery. Electrolytes help to restore the body's fluid balance and muscle function, so they should also be considered when the horse has trained hard.

So remember to take care of the horse's electrolyte intake during the competition season. This is one important thing that helps maintain the horse's well-being and performance. Also remember that in matters related to the care and well-being of the horse, you should ask for advice from professionals so that you can ensure the horse's health and well-being in all situations.

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