Spring checklist for horse enthusiasts

Spring is the favorite season of many horse people, when nature comes alive and the sun starts to shine brighter. However, spring also has its own challenges in horse care, which should be taken into account.

First, spring often means changes in the horse's diet. In winter, the horse's energy needs are higher, and in spring it may decrease. In addition, in the spring you should pay attention to the horse's grazing behavior and make sure that the horse does not eat too much young, sensitive growth.

Secondly, spring is the time when the horse's fur starts shedding as the winter coat changes to the summer coat. This means that the horse needs careful brushing and possibly also hair removal. Spring is also the right time to check the horse's skin and make sure it is not too dry or irritated.

Third, spring often means increased exercise and training for the horse. This means that the horse's hooves and joints can be under special stress. At this point, it is good to remember products such as NAF Farrier Solution and NAF Hard Rock, which help maintain the horse's hooves and joints healthy and strong.

These are just a few things that should be taken into account in spring horse care. With careful planning and the use of the necessary products, you can help your horse enjoy spring in the best possible way.

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