Laziness and joy - Falling to the horses' pasture

Summer has finally arrived, and horse owners around the world are heaving a sigh of relief. After a long winter, the horses finally get back to the pasture, where they can enjoy the fresh air, green grass and the company of other horses. Horses coming to pasture is one of the most anticipated events during the year, both for horses and horse owners.

Falling to pasture is more than just releasing the horses from their pens. It is a ritual that symbolizes the beginning of summer and a new beginning. You can feel the curiosity and joy of the horses when the gates are opened and they run free. Their energetic leaps and kicks in the air tell of their joy at being able to explore a new environment.

Landing in horse pasture is not only fun from the horses' point of view, but also offers many benefits for their health and well-being. The abundant green grass in the pasture provides the nutrients that the horses need for good health and optimal digestion. In addition, moving in the pasture promotes their muscle condition and blood circulation.

From the point of view of horse owners, putting horses to pasture also means relief. In winter, they have to take care of feeding and moving the horses in the pens, which can be time-consuming and tiring. Falling to pasture significantly reduces feeding tasks and gives owners more time to focus on other horse-related activities, such as riding and training.

Although putting the horses in the pasture is a happy and expected event, it also comes with certain concerns. Horse owners must make sure that the pasture fences are safe and in good condition. In addition, they must monitor the horses' behavior so that possible injuries or illnesses can be detected at an early stage.

It is also important to note that even though being in the pasture offers horses a lot of exercise pleasure, their feeding still needs to be carefully planned. Excessive grazing can cause problems such as overweight or even indigestion. Therefore, horse owners should consider the amount of hay in the pasture and, if necessary, limit the time the horses graze.

Landing in the horse pasture is a magical moment for both horses and horse owners. It marks the beginning of summer and freedom for horses, while providing relief for horse owners. This tradition brings joy and happiness wherever horses are a part of life.

So, when the gates open and the horses rush to the pasture, you can see the smiles on the faces of the horse owners. Going down to the horse pasture is a reminder of how important these majestic animals are to us and how lucky we are to share our lives with them. Let's enjoy this beautiful moment together and let the horses enjoy the summer in their free pasture!

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