Lisäravinteet esittelyssä: NAF

Introducing supplements: NAF

NAF supplements have arrived to enrich Talliputiik's selection. The purpose is to tell more about NAF as a company and their ideology behind it.

NAF supplements have been used by my own horse, as well as at many stables where I have worked. I met a representative of NAF when I was in Switzerland and he told me why NAF is so popular and what everything is based on. Since then, I have relied on the supplements of that brand.

NAF is an English family company that started developing products more than 30 years ago in England. In its early days, NAF very quickly started cooperating with the English national equestrian team. The ideology is based on the legality and high quality of the raw materials, "Clean Sport", and that every Shetland pony for children as well as a top sport horse deserves the best products for themselves, i.e. "Five Star Treatment". These are in every jar under the NAF logo. From joint, respiratory, hoof, digestive, gut health and soothing supplements to silky mane and tail showshines, super shampoos and luxury skin care, Naf offers a wide range of effective products, all designed to give you something for your horse's every need.

When it comes to product manufacturing, NAF's products have been developed together with veterinarians, nutrition experts and universities. The most interesting thing is that the products are constantly tested. For example, GastriVet has shown excellent results in Sweden in helping the healing of stomach ulcers. Its sister product, GastriAid, is again intended to maintain the condition of the stomach and prevent stomach ulcers in horses. The products are safe to use, doping-free and can be used together with other veterinary products.

NAF is known as a pioneer in supplements. The products are based on herbs and their combination. The purity and high quality of the raw materials follow from one product to another. As a company, NAF describes that its unprecedented commitment and dedication to product development has elevated it to that position among top riders - and it shows!

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