Mitä hevosen ylläpito maksaa?

How much does it cost to maintain a horse?

The cost of maintaining a horse can vary greatly depending on the horse's breed, age and habitat. However, in general, the cost of maintaining a horse is quite high, so it is important to be aware of these costs before getting a horse. In this blog post, we go through the most common horse maintenance costs.

  1. Food

Feeding a horse is one of the biggest maintenance costs. The horse must eat enough good hay or silage, and it can also be given additional nutrients and minerals as needed. On average, it costs around 150-300 euros per month to feed a horse.

  1. Veterinary expenses

Maintaining a horse's health requires regular veterinary checks and vaccinations. Veterinarian check-ups and treatment can be very expensive and may include things like vaccinations, dental care, worming and wound care. Veterinarian expenses can vary depending on the horse's needs, but in general they cost around 500-1000 euros per year.

  1. Blacksmith

Shoeing a horse's hooves is important for its health. A cobbler usually visits once a month or two, and shoe fitting costs can vary depending on the area and the cobbler. A visit to a cobbler usually costs around 60-200 euros.

  1. Equipment

Horse equipment is also an important expense. The horse must be properly equipped for riding, and the equipment includes, for example, a saddle, bridle, halter, brushes and a riding helmet. The price of horse equipment can vary considerably, but in general it costs around 1000-2000 euros per year.

  1. Stable place

If the horse is not kept at home, the rent of the stable is also one of the biggest maintenance costs. The price of stable spaces varies greatly according to the region and the stable, but in general, a stable space costs around 200-1000 euros per month.

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