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Comfortable breeches for children: Key features

Comfortable breeches for children: Key features


The importance of a good fit when choosing riding breeches cannot be overstated. Pants intended for children should fit well around the waist and thighs, so that riding is comfortable and safe. Flexible materials and an adjustable waist help ensure an optimal fit.


The material of the riding breeches directly affects their durability and comfort. Choose a quality fabric that is breathable, moisture wicking and flexible. This way, the pants remain comfortable even on long riding trips.

Knee and full seats

When riding, it is important to protect your legs from possible friction or pressure against the saddle. The knee pads or full pads included in the riding breeches offer additional protection and improve the grip in the saddle.


Although functionality is of the utmost importance, you can also stand out with your appearance on the racetrack or in the stable! We selected the trendiest products from among hundreds of models just for your little one.

Care instructions

Riding breeches are often subject to heavy wear and get dirty easily in the stable environment. Make sure you choose pants that are easy to wash or that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. This way you can always keep your breeches fresh and in good condition.

Riders' favourites

Despite the key features, who doesn't want to look stylish while riding? Let us tell you a secret - many young riders love Joline - the pony brand model in the world! It's perfect for the combination of comfort and style that all kid riders will appreciate.

Now that you know what factors affect good riding breeches for children, you can make the best choice! Our selection offers a wide selection of high-quality children's riding equipment just for your little ones.

Comfortable breeches for children: Key features

1. The material quality and flexibility of riding breeches should be the primary important factors in breeches designed for children. The high-quality material guarantees durability and comfort, while the flexibility enables free movement on horseback.

2. The comfort and adjustability of the waistband are essential features when choosing children's riding breeches. The well-fitting waistband ensures optimal comfort when children spend time on the horse. In addition, the adjustable waist band ensures the use of fitted pants even during a long growth spurt.

3. The durability of the knee reinforcements is a decisive factor when choosing children's riding breeches, as they are easily exposed to wear-and-tear strains while riding. To ensure a long service life of the pants, the knee reinforcements must be strong enough and withstand repeated friction or impact without significant wear or tear

1. Fit

Fit is key when choosing comfortable full-seat breeches for children. The waistband must be adjustable and fit well so that the pants stay in place throughout the ride. The length of the leg should be appropriate so that it does not rub or restrict movement. The flexible materials guarantee a comfortable fit and give the child the freedom to move freely in the saddle.

1.1 Waistband

The adjustable waistband allows you to adjust the fit of the pants according to the child's size and preferences. The wide waistband provides more support and comfort while riding. The elastic and flexible waist guarantees freedom of movement when wearing full-length pants.

1.2 Leg length

  • Correctly sized legs ensure a comfortable fit and freedom of movement when riding.
  • Shorter or longer options are also available, so you can find the right length for you.
  • Also pay attention to the appropriate width of the legs with the riding boot, so that they fit well inside the boots.

1.3 Flexibility

The flexible fabric enables complete freedom of movement while riding. Full-length pants fit well, but are still flexible and comfortable to wear. Four-way flexibility guarantees freedom of movement in all directions without restrictions.

2. Material

The material is a very important feature in riding breeches. High-quality materials guarantee comfort and durability. Good breathability keeps the child fresh even during longer riding sessions, while the flexible material enables free movement in the saddle. The durable material, on the other hand, ensures a long service life of the trousers even in demanding conditions. Riding breeches should be chosen carefully so that they meet all needs and offer the child the best possible experience while riding.

2.1 Breathability

Breathable fabrics are important in riding breeches, as they allow air circulation and keep the skin dry. Air vents improve breathability even further, allowing fresh air to flow through the pants. Current clothing technology absorbs moisture from the skin, so your child stays comfortable and dry while riding.

2.2 Durability

The strong material guarantees the durability and longevity of the breeches. Double seams increase the durability of the pants even further, preventing them from tearing or falling apart during active use. The long-lasting fabric, on the other hand, ensures that the breeches retain their shape and properties over a long period of time.

2.3 Flexibility

An elastic waist is an important feature of riding breeches for children. It enables the pants to adapt to different body types and offers a comfortable fit. Stretch fabric increases flexibility even more, which makes it easier to move and gives more freedom when riding. The "4-way stretch" features ensure even better flexibility in all directions, which promotes the child's comfort while riding.

3. Features of riding breeches

Knee pads and leg pads are an important part of comfortable riding breeches, especially for children. They provide protection and support for the knees, which can be subjected to heavy strain while riding. High-quality riding breeches have reinforcement in the knee area, ensuring safety and comfort.

The belt seam is also a feature to consider when choosing children's breeches. The belt seams help keep the pants in place and prevent them from slipping down during active movement in the saddle.

High-quality material, good fit and these above-mentioned features make the right kind of children's riding pants pleasant to wear and at the same time ensure safety on all horse trips!

Do you need high-quality breeches for your child? Please consider these important features when making your choice: durability, flexibility and breathability.

3.3 Belt seams

Strong belt loops provide reliable support and prevent the pants from running down. Wide belt seams prevent chafing and increase comfort when riding. Smooth and flexible waistbands ensure a good fit and make dressing easier.

4. Style

Breeches are an important part of a rider's equipment, especially for children. Comfort is key when choosing the right pants. A good fit and flexible material ensure a comfortable riding experience. In addition, the high waist helps keep the pants in place, while the knee and leg pockets provide support and durability.

A simple design is often the best option for children's breeches. It is worth choosing simple and practical models that offer the best possible comfort and freedom of movement for your child while riding.

The color of the breeches does not directly affect their functionality or comfort, but it can still be important to many children.

Breeches are an important part of a rider's equipment, especially for children. Comfort is key when choosing the right pants. A good fit and flexible material ensure a comfortable riding experience. Additionally, the high waist helps keep the pants in place, while reinforced knee pads provide support and durability.

4.1 Color

Stylish colors - The selection of riding breeches has a diverse selection of different colors that suit all kinds of styles and tastes. You can choose classic black or gray, pastel colors, cheerful pink or even bold turquoise.

Versatile color options - There are several different color combinations to choose from, so you can create your own personal look. Combine the pants with, for example, a riding helmet or a jacket in matching or contrasting colors.

Durable and dirt-repellent colors - The colors of the riding breeches are durable and do not fade easily in sunlight. In addition, they have been treated with a dirt-repellent coating, which keeps the pants cleaner for longer.

4.2 Design

Ergonomic design is key to designing comfortable riding breeches for children. The pants should bend and flex with the child's movements, while offering a good fit and leg mobility. The flexible materials enable a barrier-free and relaxed riding experience that promotes the child's pleasant feeling in the saddle.

4.3 Details

Reinforced knees and rear sides give the child's breeches durability and protection. The waistband keeps the pants in place so they don't fall down or ride up while riding. The location and sizes of the pockets of the pants are designed to be suitable so that the child can keep his supplies easily accessible.

  • Reinforced knees and rear
  • Waistband
  • Appropriate pocket location and sizes

5. Care instructions:

Washing instructions - Riding breeches should be washed by hand or in the machine at a low temperature. Avoid using bleach and dry cleaning.

Drying instructions - Air-dry the breeches in the shade, do not put them in the dryer or expose them to direct sunlight.

Storage - Store the breeches in a cool and dry place, preferably hanging on a hanger, so that they retain their shape well.

5.1 Washing instructions

Hand washing with cool water is the recommended way to care for breeches. This helps maintain their quality and durability in the long run. Chlorine bleaching is also avoided, as it can damage the material of the pants. Tumble drying is not recommended, as it can cause shrinkage or deformation of the trousers.

5.2 Drying instructions

Dry on a flat surface in an airy place. Avoid direct sunlight when drying. Do not tumble dry.

  • Spread the breeches on a flat surface.
  • Let them dry in an airy place.
  • Protect the pants from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid using a tumble dryer as this can damage the material.

5.3 Storage

Store the breeches in a cool and dry place. Protect from dust and excessive sunlight during storage. Hang the pants on a hanger to prevent them from getting wrinkled.

  • In a cool and dry place
  • Protected from dust
  • Protected from sunlight

6. Favorites of children's riders

Joline - the pony brand is a children's riding clothing brand that offers children high-quality and stylish knee-length and full-length riding breeches. The brand's goal is to offer small riders clothes that both feel comfortable to wear and look good.

"We understand that the choice of riding clothes is an important part of the riding experience, and that's why we invest in careful design and quality control. All Joline breeches are made of durable and flexible materials that allow full mobility in the saddle. They also provide optimal fit and support during riding."

Joline's selection of riding breeches is particularly popular among child riders around the world, and the brand wants to offer children not only functional, but also stylish riding clothes. That's why Joline designs and manufactures the products with care, paying special attention to details and the latest fashion trends. This way they can guarantee that every little rider can feel confident and stylish in the saddle.

"Our riding breeches are available in different colors and models, so every child can find the right breeches. We also have different sizes, so you can choose the breeches that suit your child's age and size."

We are proud to offer children's riding clothes that not only meet technical requirements, but also respect the style and personality of child riders. We want to encourage kids to stick to their dreams and achieve their goals, whether it's competing or simply enjoying riding.

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