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Saddle felt - An important protection for a horse's saddle

Are you interested in horse saddle felts and their importance? This blog post will introduce you to everything you need to know about the use, selection and maintenance of saddle felt. A saddle pad is an integral part of a horse's equipment, protecting its back and helping the seat stay in place while riding. Read on for more in-depth information on this important aspect of saddle protection and horse well-being.

What is saddle felt?

Saddle felt is a protection used under the horse's saddle that helps reduce pressure and friction. The saddle felt protects the horse's back from shocks caused by the saddle and keeps the saddle in place. It is usually made of soft and breathable materials such as wool or artificial fibers. The size and shape of the saddle blanket varies depending on the type of riding it is intended for – for example, longer blankets are suitable for school saddles, which cover a larger area on top of the horse's back.

The purpose of saddle felt

  • Protect the horse's back from the pressure of the saddle
  • Prevents abrasions and chafing
  • Reduces moisture and sweating

Saddle felt materials

Cotton felt is a traditional, durable and highly insulating material that provides reliable protection for the saddle. The cotton blanket under the saddle keeps the horse's back warm and helps reduce pressure points caused by rubbing. Technical fabric, on the other hand, is a light, breathable and quick-drying material. It is especially suitable for school saddles, providing comfort for the horse when it moves in versatile gaits. The gel felt and other novelties bring additional comfort thanks to their shock absorbing properties, which can be useful, for example, on long cross-country runs or in steeplechase situations.

Saddle pad size and shape

When choosing saddle felt, it is important to consider the shape of the horse's back to ensure a good fit. Saddle felts are available in different lengths, widths and degrees of curvature, so you should pay attention to these factors when choosing. In addition, the type of saddle affects the choice, whether it is a general saddle or a school saddle.

Use of saddle felt

1. The purpose of the saddle blanket is to protect the horse's back from the pressure and friction of the saddle.

2. Place the saddle pad in place so that it completely covers the horse's back area, but is not too thick or loose.

Fitting the saddle pad

Correct folding of saddle felt requires care. Fold the felt evenly and make sure there are no wrinkles or folds. Laying the blanket evenly under the saddle is important to prevent pressure and chafing points on the horse's back. Securing the fastening straps keeps the saddle blanket securely in place throughout the ride.

Cleaning the saddle pad

Regular brushing and shaking help keep the saddle pad clean. Brush loose dirt off the felt and shake it lightly to loosen the dust. Possible washing methods depend on the material of the saddle felt. The felt can be washed by hand with warm water and mild soap or according to machine washing instructions. In the drying process, it is important to note that the saddle felt dries completely before using it again, so that it maintains its good condition for a long time.

Changing the saddle pad

Check the condition of the current saddle pad carefully. Inspect for wear, tear, or other damage that may affect its performance and protection. Then choose a new saddle felt according to the horse's needs. Consider things like material, thickness and fit to ensure optimal comfort and safety. Also, allow enough fitting time to properly adjust the new saddle pad to the alignment of your horse's spine.

Selection of saddle felt

When choosing a saddle felt, it is important to consider the appropriate material and thickness. High-quality saddle felt protects the horse's back from shocks and abrasions, so you should choose a sufficiently strong and durable material. The thickness, on the other hand, affects the fit and comfort, so it should be adjusted according to the horse's needs.

Color and appearance are also factors that can be taken into account when choosing saddle felt. A color or pattern suitable for the saddle can bring a finished look to the whole. In addition, you should also pay attention to the price range, as saddle blankets from different brands can vary in price.

Suitable material and thickness

In general, factory-made saddle blankets use foam (polyurethane foam) as filling, and a cotton blend fabric or something similar, such as polyester and cotton, as surface material. Cotton blend fabric is a natural and breathable option. It regulates the heat effectively and keeps the horse's back dry. In addition to this, it offers durability and easy maintenance. It is resistant to wear and tear and does not require special washing instructions.

Color and appearance

Traditional saddle felts in neutral colors bring a classic style and are suitable for many situations. Bolder colors, on the other hand, add personality to the horse's equipment, making it stand out from the crowd. Saddle blankets of different sizes create a festive atmosphere at special events or competitions, giving the horse a valuable and attention-grabbing look. Saddle felt is both a practical cover and a way to express the horse owner's style and personality.

Price range

Saddle felt categories and criteria:

  • Inexpensive saddle pads for the budget-conscious rider
  • They offer basic features and good protection for the saddle
  • Several different colors and models available
  • Higher quality Price category offers better features and durability
  • Made of quality materials that last a long time
  • Special properties, such as breathability or moisture removal
  • Top-class saddle pads for professional riders or demanding conditions
  • Designed especially for competition use or outdoor riding
  • Excellent fit and protection in all conditions

Maintenance of saddle felt

is important for the longevity and functionality of the horse's saddle. The blanket should be washed regularly according to the instructions so that dirt and sweat do not damage the material or cause discomfort to the horse. In addition, it is good to check the blanket regularly for possible damages and repair them quickly if necessary. Proper storage also helps keep the saddle blanket in good condition between uses.

Washing instructions

Hand washing in cool water helps preserve the condition and color of the saddle felt. Avoid strong detergents that can damage the felt. Dry the saddle felt on a flat surface to ensure that it retains its correct shape.

Checking and repairing the felt

Check the saddle felt regularly for wear. Small tears are repaired quickly so that they do not turn into bigger damages. If necessary, contact a professional to assess the condition of the felt and make possible repairs.


Keep the saddle felt clean during storage. Make sure the blanket is completely dry before storing. Place the blanket hanging or folded flat.

  • Keep the saddle pad clean
  • Drying the felt before storage
  • Place the blanket hanging or folded

Saddle felt and the well-being of the horse

Saddle felt is an important protection for the horse against the saddle. It helps distribute the pressure evenly and reduces the risk of chafing. In addition, it regulates the temperature and prevents excessive sweating, which guarantees the horse's comfort during riding. The effect of the saddle felt on the fit of the saddle and the support it provides are also key factors in terms of the horse's well-being.

Saddle felt can have a significant effect on a horse's back. Its correct use helps prevent back pain or damage during riding. Careful selection and the use of fitted blankets can promote a better fit and protect the horse from strain.

Effect of saddle felt on pressure distribution

The saddle felt's cushioning properties help distribute pressure more evenly under the saddle, reducing chafing and pressure points. This effect is particularly important for the horse's comfort and performance.

Less friction and pressure points under the saddle leads to a better fit and increased protection for the horse's back. Saddle felt acts as an effective barrier to excessive friction and biting, which helps keep the horse's back healthier in the long run.

The effect of saddle felt on sweating and thermoregulation

Breathable materials reduce sweating and increased ventilation prevents overheating. The moisture removal of the saddle felt from the felt layer helps to keep the horse's back dry and cool.

  • The breathable material reduces the amount of sweating
  • Increased ventilation prevents heat build-up under the saddle
  • A felt with a moisture removal system keeps the horse's back dry

The effect of saddle felt on the fit of the saddle

The felt fills any empty spaces under the saddle, thus improving the stability and balance of the saddle while riding. This reduces the risk of slipping and ensures the fit of the saddle on the horse's back. The effect of the saddle felt is therefore a decisive factor in achieving a good saddle result.

The effect of saddle felt on the horse's back

A more comfortable and pleasant experience for the horse when riding:

  • Saddle felt helps to reduce the pressure caused by the saddle on the horse's back.
  • The soft material of the felt offers additional comfort when riding.

Protects the horse's skin from chafing, wounds or pressure sores:

  • The saddle felt acts as a protective layer, preventing the saddle from rubbing directly on the horse's skin.
  • The thickness and softness of the blanket protect the sensitive skin of the back from possible wounds or chafing.

Better blood circulation in the back area:

  • The optimal fit of the saddle pad promotes blood circulation in the horse's back area.
  • Good blood circulation, on the other hand, ensures sufficient blood circulation of the tissues and improves the functioning of the muscles.

Saddle felt - an important purchase for horse enthusiasts

Saddle felt is a necessary part of a horse's saddle. It protects the horse from rubbing and pressure, while creating comfort for the rider. High-quality saddle felt ensures a good fit and prevents the saddle from moving while riding. Choose the right blanket carefully to provide the best protection and comfort for both you and your horse.

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