Esittelyssä Stierna Equestrian Sportswear

Introducing Stierna Equestrian Sportswear

Stierna Equestrian Sportswear is a young and innovative equestrian clothing brand that has quickly gained popularity among riders around the world. This Swedish company is focused on providing high-quality equestrian clothing that combines style and functionality.

Stierna Equestrian Sportswear clothing is carefully designed down to the smallest detail to meet the needs of demanding riders. The clothes are made of top quality materials that withstand hard use and keep the rider comfortable in all weather conditions.

One of Stierna Equestrian Sportswear's best-known products is the Vera breeches. These pants are made of technical four-way stretch material that gives the rider complete freedom of movement. In addition, the pants are water-repellent and quick-drying, which makes them an excellent choice for both the riding arena and the terrain.

Stierna Equestrian Sportswear also offers other stylish and functional clothing such as jackets, shirts and hoodies. The brand's clothes combine Scandinavian minimalist design and practicality, which makes them suitable for all types of riders and equestrian sports.

The operation of Stierna Equestrian Sportswear is based on a strong principle of sustainable development, and the company constantly strives to improve the environmental friendliness of its products. For example, Vera breeches are manufactured in accordance with sustainable development and the fabric used in them is Bluesign certified, which guarantees that the fabric meets high environmental standards.

So, despite its young age, Stierna Equestrian Sportswear has already claimed its place as a provider of high-quality and stylish riding clothes. The brand has managed to combine the principles of functionality, style and sustainable development, which makes it an excellent choice for both competition and recreational riders.

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