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4 Rings gag gag

4 Rings gag gag

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We offer a quality four-ring gaggle designed to meet the demands of riders. The system consists of one upper ring to which the cheekpieces attach, and three lower rings with different rein adjustments. You can also choose the option with two lower rings, which gives a cleaner look.

The cheek ring is designed to be extra large and flat, and all the rings sit flat under it. This system gives the rider different rein options to adjust the muzzle's function to different situations and needs. You can easily choose the appropriate level of control as needed.

The drool part is hexagonal and has large side plates that prevent the drool from being squeezed between the lips and prevent air swallowing. This ensures the horse's comfort and protects its mouth. Saliva can be used in different variations as needed.

All Limobits droolers are made of the best Swedish steel on the market. The side supports are unique and offer durability and reliability. The high-quality material also guarantees a long service life and durability, so you can trust the quality of the dies.

Special attention has been paid to detail and functionality in the design so that both rider and horse can enjoy the best possible experience. Whether you are a professional competitor or a hobbyist, Limobits offers you dies that meet the highest quality standards and offer optimal performance.

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