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Arctic cooling barrier blanket

Arctic cooling barrier blanket

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A new way to keep you cool! The LeMieux Arctic cooling barrier blanket is made of the innovative FeelCool ® Ice material with a cooling crystal kneaded into the weave. The higher the humidity, the higher the cooling power! Crystals have incredible heat absorption and transfer properties that gradually absorb and absorb sweat. The carbon mesh back reduces pressure across the weather and back and allows heat to rise and escape through the top of the felt. The saddle felt can be attached to the saddle's own D-rings, which guarantees that the saddle felt does not flow and stays in place.

The inner lining is the same self-cooling fabric as the outside, which is soft, frictionless and ensures that the entire blanket breathes.

Ideal blanket for use in hot and humid conditions or for horses that tend to sweat a lot during work.

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