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For daily use. Helps to recover quickly after a hard workout and restore the deficit of electrolytes lost in sweat.

• Replaces electrolytes lost during heavy sweating
• To speed up recovery and improve the desire to drink
• Supports muscle relaxation
• Supports nervous system balance
• Evens out the insulin spike caused by eating

Composition TWYDIL® ELECTROLYTES: sodium, chlorides, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, palatine. Packaging 5 kg bucket.

Absorption and effect : Electrolytes are recommended for daily use. It is good to take into account the temperature and conditions in which you are training in the dosage amounts. In this case, the recommended dose may look like this, for example:

40 g per day when the training temperature is below 20°C

60 g per day when the training temperature is 20 °C ... 25 °C

80 g per day when the training temperature is above 25°C

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