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NAF GastriVet is a completely natural nutritional compound developed by top veterinarians. With the help of clinical trials, it has been found that the compound it contains soothes and protects the walls of the stomach from stomach acids. It also balances pH values, thus preventing stomach ulcers and inflammation. In a study conducted by the University of Vienna, 64.7 percent of horses receiving GastriVet had a reduction in the number and severity of stomach ulcers within 21 days. GastriVet can also be used as part of the aftercare process of treatments prescribed by a veterinarian. In pellet form.


  • Supports natural anti-inflammatory processes
  • Helps balance pH levels and manage excess acid load
  • Promotes an intact gastric mucosa
  • Forms a protective fibrous mat over stomach acid
  • Nourishes the colon

When is GastriVet recommended?

  • As an additional support in parallel with the veterinary treatment of stress-related stomach problems
  • For extended aftercare support after veterinary treatment for stress-related stomach upsets
  • For competitive horses that change environments often and travel a lot
  • In stress-related stomach problems and weight loss at the same time
  • For horses at risk of stomach ulcers

Nutritional content

Fenugreek, psyllium seed, calcium hydrogen phosphate, wheat protein, yarrow, rapeseed oil, hay meal, magnesium oxide, licorice, sodium chloride, mint, orange peel, brewer's yeast, oligofructose (dried), omija berry, rose hip, milk thistle, turmeric, dandelion leaf, carrot (dried), chlorella (dried), ginger, maidenhair tree leaf, rosemary

Nutritional additives (/kg):
zinc sulfate, monohydrate E 6 (2760 mg) 966 mg zinc
Vitamin E 3a700 354 ky
bentonite 1m558i 315,000 mg
lecithin E 322 32 900 mg
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
NCYC Sc47 4b1702 6.3 x 1010 cfu

Nutrient composition:
crude protein 13.5%
crude oils and fats 4.6%
annealing residue 44.3%
Crude fiber 23.1%
sodium 5820 mg/kg

Dosage, horses and ponies: g/day measure/day
First week 264 8
Weeks 2-3 198 6
Maintenance 66 2

One measure of 50 ml corresponds to approx. 33 g. A 2 kg package fed with a dosage of 66 g/day is enough for approx. 30 days. Store in a dry and cool place. The lid should be closed after use. Complementary feed for horses only.

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