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Half cheek Portsmouth drool

Half cheek Portsmouth drool

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This type of bit is a relative of the full cheek snaffle because it has an arm extending down the side of the cheek from the mouth. Unlike the full cheek, it only has this lower arm and it is shaped in a somewhat flatter, spoon-like shape. The principle is the same, however, and that is to provide increased lateral action when direct reining is used for turning and to prevent the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth. This bit is typically seen with an eggbutt style of connection at the mouthpiece, making it also a good choice for preventing pinching at the corners of the mouth. All bits are available in the middle (green) and stiff (black) hardness.

The mouthpiece's anatomical shape prevents pressure over the tongue and horse bars. The side supports are unique in the market. They are the first in the world made from cnc aluminum and the best Swedish steel .

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