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Hematinic, 10 pcs tubes

Hematinic, 10 pcs tubes

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Complementary feed that strengthens the body's function and supports the horse's energy. Available in liquid and tubes.


  • Contains valuable nutrients for the functioning of the body.
  • Suitable for supporting the treatment of general weakness conditions.
  • Can be used to improve the energy of horses and support body function.

Composition TWYDIL® HEMATINIC liquid : Vitamins E, B1, B6, and B12, folic acid, biotin, superoxide dismutase SOD, sorbitol, trace elements: iron, copper, cobalt, manganese and zinc. Packaging 10 pcs tube packaging.

Absorption and effect : TWYDIL® HEMATINIC has a double effect:

The product supports an increase in energy level and reactivity 4-6 hours after the first dose thanks to the well-absorbed vitamins of the B group.

The general condition may even improve significantly after 10 days of continuous use. We recommend consulting a veterinarian regarding other uses.

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