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LeMieux Self-Cool Grip School Blanket

LeMieux Self-Cool Grip School Blanket

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Self-cooling saddle pad with Grip that holds the saddle in place.

The new Self-Cool grip school blanket is a combination of style, the iconic LeMieux saddle blanket cut and a new anti-slip silicone design that ensures saddle stability and grip. The blast foam under the saddle increases comfort and absorbs shocks.

The Self-Cool blanket is made of the innovative 'FeelCool' material, with a cooling crystal kneaded into the fabric. This is activated by moisture; The higher the humidity, the greater the cooling effect! So the more your horse sweats, the cooler the blanket keeps itself. The crystals have incredible heat capture and transfer properties that gradually absorb and transfer sweat from the horse, and once they have evaporated, a reverse rapid cooling effect is created.

The inner lining is the same self-cooling fabric as the upper side, which is soft, frictionless and ensures that the entire felt breathes and performs at the same level, even under the saddle.

Designed to suit a wide range of dressage incomes. The blanket has a high inseam and a signature belt protection area with multiple loops for belt straps.

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