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Loose Ring Portsmouth sipper

Loose Ring Portsmouth sipper

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Limobits Portsmouth sipper takes the pressure off the mouth.

The Limobits Portsmouth bit is designed to take pressure off the horse's mouth and provide optimal comfort. The part in the mouth of this drooler can slide on a full, movable ring, so it settles into the horse's most comfortable position, rather than being fixed in place. This allows the horse's mouth to relax and drool, which in turn communicates comfort to the horse and allows it to focus on performing at its best.

All Limobits Portsmouth droolers are available in two hardness options: medium hard (green) and hard (black). This makes it possible to choose a drooler according to the horse's individual needs and preferences.

The bit is rectangular in shape, which prevents pressure from being applied directly to the horse's tongue and teeth. This increases the horse's comfort and helps avoid unpleasant pressure points in the mouth.

The drool rings of the Limobits Portsmouth drool are unique on the market. They are the first in the world to be made of cnc aluminum and the best Swedish steel. Such a high-quality choice of materials guarantees the durability and long-lasting performance of the side supports. They also provide excellent support and stability to the horse's mouth.

By choosing the Limobits Portsmouth drool you choose quality, comfort and performance. The design has paid close attention to detail so that riders and horses can enjoy the best possible experience. Whether you are a competitor, professional or hobbyist, Limobits Portsmouth saddles meet the highest quality standards and provide an excellent riding experience.

Choose the Limobits Portsmouth biter and ensure your horse's comfort and performance in training and competitions.

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