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Developed to restrain, alleviate and control.

NAF Metazone supports the well-being of the natural anti-inflammatory system, i.e. relieves inflammation and pain. Plant-based phytochemicals support body functions wherever support is needed – joints, feet, tendons, ligaments, muscles or skin. The product is safe to use daily also during competitions, it does not contain doping substances.

NAF Metazone:

- Supports the horse's anti-inflammatory functions, i.e. relieves pain and inflammation

– Helps the horse perform and maintain health

– Suitable for continuous use or for occasional use

- Gut-friendly - works effectively without irritating the digestive tract

– Can be fed together with other NAF supplements

Raw materials:

Magnesium chloride, rosehip bark, Omija berry, peony bark, oregano, calcium carbonate, oleic acid

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