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Mares, like stallions, suffer from fluctuations in hormonal balance. Symptoms can be e.g. mood swings, aggressiveness, sensitivity to touch and impaired performance. Since the horse's ovaries are located directly under the saddle, the uncomfortable position may also cause problems with working the back, tail wagging and even kicking and bucking. NAF Oestress contains herbal extracts that have been used for hundreds of years to stabilize hormone balance. By adding NAF Ostress to your mare's diet, you help her hormonal balance to be restored in a natural way, allowing your horse to relax and work with concentration without being uncomfortable. Oestress should be fed daily during spring and summer. If necessary, the dosage can be increased according to the stages of the estrous cycle. Oestress is also suitable for continuous use, all year round. NAF Oestress can also be fed to stallions and geldings whose hormonal activity is to be controlled.

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