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Back On Track

Royal Quick Wraps stable covers

Royal Quick Wraps stable covers

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Back On Track's incredibly popular Quick Wraps stable covers are already a matter of course in most horses' grooming cabinets.

This domestically innovative The stable protection with Welltex® technology can be used preventively to soften and activate blood circulation in the horse's joints and tendons.

It is also suitable for use after training, which speeds up the relaxation and recovery of the horse's tense joints and tendons.

The Royal Quick Wraps Velcro mattress is easy to put on and take off with flexible Velcro straps. The velcro straps are shaped and have durable outer covers. Four strong velcro fastenings ensure a perfect fit and ensure that the velcro mattresses are securely in place both in the stable and during transport. The outer shell is removable to facilitate washing. The interior is unique Welltex® technology, which invigorates the blood circulation in the horse's leg with the help of long-wave infrared energy. The mattress reaches up to the border of the runes. Sold in pairs.

Welltex® technology
Molded outer shell
Four Velcro straps
Thick and soft inside
Flexible and quick-to-attach stickers
Can relieve problems related to inflammation, joints and swelling
Suitable for stable and transport protection


Small, length: 35cm

Medium, length: 40cm

Large, length: 45cm

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