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Short Pelham drool

Short Pelham drool

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The Pelham bit is somewhere between a snaffle and a curb bit. Unlike either, it allows for two sets of reins and thus is almost like a double bridle. As such, it works as either a snaffle or a curb bit, although it's generally Classified as a type of curb bit. It's also useful to transition a horse from one type to the other. The Pelham bit is popular for polo, as it may work like a double bridle without being one.
All bits are available in medium soft (green) and soft (red) hardness.

The mouthpiece has a hexagonal shape , with large side washers which prevent pinching of the bite on the labial commissures and to prevent the ingestion of air. The side supports are unique in the market. They are the first in the world made from cnc aluminum together with the best Swedish steel .

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