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X-Grip+gel fire barrier felt

X-Grip+gel fire barrier felt

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"It's like anti-skid! The saddle simply stays in place. A great invention that's great for obstacle courses" - Scott Brash

The LeMieux X-Grip+gel steeplechase saddle pad is a top-class saddle pad designed especially for steeplechase riding. The blanket combines the innovative X-Grip surface material and high-quality gel padding, which provides excellent grip and protection for the horse's back.

The X-Grip surface material is a unique technology that offers significantly better grip than traditional saddle felt materials. This feature helps keep the saddle firmly in place in show jumping, where quick turns and terrain between jumps can cause the saddle to move out of place.

The gel padding provides excellent protection for the horse's back, absorbs shocks and helps distribute the weight evenly. The felt is designed to fit perfectly under the saddle and contours to the horse's back, helping to prevent pressure from being applied to certain areas.

The LeMieux X-Grip+gel steeplechase felt is an excellent choice for demanding steeplechase competitions, but it is also suitable for everyday use. The felt is easy to clean and keeps its shape well during use. This state-of-the-art saddle pad is stylish, durable and offers top-notch comfort for you and your horse!

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