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Joline - the pony brand

Cardigan Navy Blue

Cardigan Navy Blue

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Practical lightweight children's vest made of fine stretch material. The beautiful finish in the same style as the jodhpurs makes it a perfect match!

* Lightweight and functional children's vest.
* A cushioning and quick drying.
* Decorated with ruffle along the zipper.
* Small zipper at the sleeves, so the cardigan fits over any wrist.
* Ruffle trim along the collar.
* Lined like the pants with warm layer.

The model in the photos is 11 years old, 145 cm tall and is wearing size 146-152: 11-12y.

Fabric: 90% nylon 10% spandex + inner fleece
Wash with similar colours at 30° C.
Do not tumble dry.
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