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Joline - the pony brand

Showshirt Josephine short sleeve Light Blue

Showshirt Josephine short sleeve Light Blue

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An elegant, chic concourse shirt with puff sleeves made from slightly shiny stretch fabric. The fabric is breathable, quick drying and moisture repellent. There are holes in the sides of the shirt to make it extra airy. The collar is made of a cotton fabric finished with a ruffle. The zip closure is just like the collar finished with a ruffle. A silicone gold logo is printed on the back. Suitable for competitions, but also a very chic shirt for training!

* Joline "the pony brand" logo printed in gold.
* Collar and zip finished with ruffle.
* Adorably elegant puff sleeves.
* Stand-up collar made of cotton.
* With slim fit.
* Holes in the fabric at the sides for extra air supply.

The model in the pictures is 10 years old, 144 cm tall and is wearing size 134-140: 9-10y.

Fabric: 68%nylon collar: cotton.
Wash with similar colours at 30° C.
Do not tumble dry.
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